A Day with VIPaws Dog Daycare

Are you looking for a dog daycare for your small dog?  Do some dog’s sizes intimidate your small dog?  We know your fur baby is not just a dog, they’re part of the family, and here at VIPaws your dog will become part of our family.  We lovingly open our home to our furry guests. We are experienced and loving professionals who aim to create the home like experience for your dog that will not just be a place of great care and comfort but, that also inspires your confidence in us.  We are VIPaws, your premier dog daycare in Hawaii.  With small dogs, and a number no greater than 10 at a time, we are able to better to create a fun-filled play-group with enough friends to socialize with without being overwhelmed to ensure that your fur baby does not become stressed out about being away from home or from you.  We understand each dog has their own personality and we treat each dog in a manner that honors and respects who they are. We treat each dog in a manner that honors and respects who they are.  Some dogs are more active than others, some experience more anxiety, and some require special needs.  With technology, we can now provide you picture updates of your pooch!  We will capture your dog at least once a day and inform you if there are any issues outside of the normal.  We aim to create an experience that keeps your dog healthy, happy and comfortable. A dog daycare should have their guests’ interest in mind, and that’s exactly what we have done.  At VIPaws, we are focused on taking care of your precious pooch.  Every day we get to meet some amazing fur babies at our VIPaws dog daycare, and no two days are ever the same.  We are professionals and treat you like family.  We understand that no one can take your place, but aim to be the home away from home experience you can rely on. We understand that choosing the right dog daycare is an important decision and we aim to establish a worry-free relationship with our clients that puts their mind at ease. At VIPaws dog daycare you and your dog’s happiness is our top priority.