Dog Boarding with VIPaws

Extended stay dog boarding doesn’t have to be boring!  At VIPaws, we provide dog boarding that you can count on for your fur baby.  Whether you need dog boarding for a weekend or a longer stay, we truly welcome your dog at VIPaws.  We are in the business of taking the best care possible of your dog, and everything that matters to you, also matters to us. So, we have taken special care to create a safe and secure home away from home for your dog.  We have high standards and expectations of ourselves and our pack companions. We are experienced and qualified to ensure that your dog has a memorable dog boarding experience at VIPaws.  It’s important that you feel at ease while your dog is with us, so we do everything that we can to ensure that you are informed about your dog’s day. We pay attention to your dog and watch for any changes in their behavior or eating habits, keeping you up-to-date.  Just like you observe your dog to ensure that they are fine, we will do the same.  We are happy to share our home with your dog whenever they need a place to stay.  We know that you don’t like to be away, but sometimes it’s not a situation that you can help.  That’s why VIPaws is here.  We are a family-oriented facility because it’s important that we give your dog a space they can enjoy while they are away from their home and family.   We provide the bowls, beds, and blankets, and simply ask that you bring your fur baby’s food and treats. Our patio is such a peaceful place to sleep.  When it’s lights out, you can go to sleep knowing that your dog is doing fine in our care.  Dog boarding should not make you feel guilty.  Your dog will not lack anything.  When you pick up your precious paws, you will be greeted with tail wags, and happy smiles as they are happy to see you.  When you ask your fur baby how much fun they had, your dog will bark “Dog boarding with VIPaws is the right choice! I can’t wait to come back!”