Dog Walker Included at VIPaws

While you are away, your fur babies still need to play!  Remember that daily exercise is very important for your dog.  The perfect solution is a day at VIPaws where your fur-baby will enjoy a nice pack-walk with their friends. We love pack-walks and know how much our dogs love pack-walks too. Your dog will enjoy our walks!  When your fur baby walks, he or she gets to exercise, explore, and enjoy being outdoors in the fresh air.  Of course, we know that you cannot walk your dog at work, while you are ill, on a business trip or vacation, but your fur baby doesn’t understand that. A day at VIPaws our dog walker will ensure your dog doesn’t have to miss daily walks.  A VIPaw’s professional dog walker is ready to provide your pet with a stroll, walk and even an occasional visit to the park.  Dogs who exercise daily do better because at the end of the day, they are happy and healthier.  Happy and healthier dogs live longer.  A dog walker will give your dog the kind of walk they are used to receiving from you.  We treat your dog like family, just like you do. We help you to ensure that your dog’s daily exercise is maintained.  A dog walker can be relied upon to walk your dog according to their needs.  Our facility is a close-knit family who give small dogs lots of attention.  It’s not easy for your dog to go without exercising.  You know how you feel when you can’t take a break to use the restroom, or you just need to get out for a walk.  Your fur baby feels the same way.  Give your dog the gift that keeps on giving, and that’s their very own dog walker.  After all, your fur baby has very important paws that need regular walking.  Our ViPaw’s dog walker is ready to do some walking.  Make your dog the envy of other dogs because you care enough to get them a dog walker.  If you want to be your dog’s hero, then let’s schedule a reservation with a trusted dog walker at VIPaws today.