Doggie Sleepovers with VIPaws

Are you going away and need a place for your dog to stay?  A doggie sleepover at VIPaws is sure to be a night of fun for your fur baby!  No, it’s not going to be an all-night party of paws, but we are surely going to ensure that your precious pooch receives a restful night in comfort and security. After your dog has successfully completed their evaluation day, we will be ready to receive your favorite fur-baby. Our doggie sleepover is your dog’s home away from home.  Our home is their home.  We treat them like family because they are.  Once a member of the VIPaw’s family, then you and your friendly dog is always a member.  We will make sure that your dog has whatever they need before they go to bed. Consider a VIPaws sleepover if you need to take a few days off from work, have to go into the hospital, or you have to take a business trip.  If you need a safe and sanitary place for your dog, give us a try.  At VIPaws, we put your dog first. We don’t ever want you to feel anything less than 100 percent confident that we have the capability and the capacity to properly care for your pooch.  We believe that it’s a privilege to be chosen for your doggie sleepover.  So, while you or you and your family are away, a doggie sleepover may be just what you need.  We have all that your dog needs to have a home away from home experience.  We make it easy for owners and their pets to get a good night’s rest.