Sleepover – $50 / Night

VIPaws is the perfect place away from home for your precious pooch! We’ll take extra good care of them while you’re away and send you picture updates to let you know how they’re doing! Sleepovers include all the great benefits you get from daycare, along with regulated feeding schedules and a cozy place to spend the night with their canine companions! Upon completion of a successful evaluation day, clients may submit their boarding reservations request by clicking the “Current Clients” link.
All services require a reservation made in advance. Dates and times are set 48 hours prior to scheduled drop off. Reservation times must be selected from within the designated drop off and pick up window listed below.

Monday – Friday
• Check In: 7-9 AM or 3-6 PM
• Check Out: 7-9 AM
Check Out:
with added Daycare
3-6 PM
• Check In: 8-9 AM
• Check Out: 8-9 AM
• Check In: 5-6 PM
• Check Out:
with added Daycare
5-6 PM

*Late fee policy – We charge a late fee of $1 / minute up to 45 minutes, at which point we may require you to board an additional night.

A late fee up to $45 will be charged for pick up’s outside of designated pick-up times.

**A minimum of 2 days of daycare is required 30 days prior to any sleepover reservation.

***$5/night premium applies to date of any holiday, the holiday season of Nov. 20 – Jan. 6 and spring break of March 15-31.