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New friends, our famous pack walk, and lots of room to romp…talk about fun in the sun!


Daycare fun, comfy beds, and a loving home…the perfect recipe for a doggie vacation!


Baths, Brush Outs, Toothbrushing…let your dog strut their stuff!

What People Are Saying About Us

We have only left our puppy with Carly once, but we can already tell this will be her second home. We had first left her with another day care facility that I will not name, because there was nothing wrong with them. They are just a city facility that doesn’t take the dogs out for walks and lets them go potty on potty pads. Our puppy has never used potty pads and had no idea what they were. This set her back with her potty training. Both VIPaws and the other facility posted pictures of our precious little one. At the first place, our puppy was walking around aimlessly with her tail tucked between her legs. She did not look happy at all. With Carly, she was smiling and rolling in the grass. It was like night and day. And with our loved ones, when our puppy is happy, we are happy.
VIPaws keeps the group small and as close to your normal routine as possible, which is so crucial when you are leaving your dog during travel. You’re already leaving them with someone else. Why would you change anything else?
Carly is a little more on the expensive side, but we think it’s worth it for peace of mind. Keep in mind she also only takes cash.

— Brandy (Minnie)