Frequently Asked Questions

What is VIPaws LLC all about?

VIPaws is a family owned, doggie daycare and boarding facility run out of our own home. We specialize in accommodations for small dogs, 20 lbs. and under, in a more private and intimate atmosphere.

What is the background story on VIPaws LLC?

The idea for VIPaws LLC originated when owner, Carly, needed to select the right place to entrust her own Chihuahua/Terrier mix, Kobie, when departing for travel. While thrilled by the variety of options available, she couldn’t quite find the exact type of accommodations she had in mind for him. As she searched, she met many other dog owners who shared their appreciation for her ideal pet service accommodations. Discovering the need for such a place, Carly was inspired to create the very type of pet care business she was in search of and today, she is the proud owner of VIPaws LLC.

At VIPaws LLC, every detail of the care and services offered is fine-tuned to the type of care Carly searched for in her own daycare and boarding needs. VIPaws LLC provides care for your dog in a clean and safe environment, operated in the setting of a private home with a family you can trust, and offers a intimate atmosphere by only taking in a few dogs at a time so your dog can safely socialize and make friends with their fellow, 4-legged pals in an exclusive setting.

Who should use VIPaws?

VIPaws is the perfect match for small dog owners who are looking for a “home away from home” experience in a more intimate atmosphere. At VIPaws, your dog will share their vacation time with a small pack of dogs and a loving family. Here, your dog will be able to receive individual, as well as grouped attention, from both humans and other dogs. We welcome your dog to become a part of our family and we really want to get to know your fur baby, everything from their name, to their personality and even any funny, little habits! At VIPaws, we want to provide your dog with love, care and lots of FUN! VIPaws is designed to give your dog a vacation of their very own, a place where a dog can be a dog! From pack walks, to dog run fun time, and group play on the patio, VIPaws offers a variety of all-inclusive activities for your dog to engage and enjoy! If this is what you’re looking for, VIPaws is your match for all your daycare and boarding needs!

How many dogs do you take in at one time?

We allow up to 10 dogs to stay with us. Since we only take in a few dogs at a time, all sleepover reservations require a 50% non-refundable deposit to hold your dates. With your deposit, we will honor your requested service dates and turn away others when we are completely booked with 10 dogs.

May I tour your facility?

Absolutely! Fill out a dog application and we will contact you through email to set up an evaluation day. On the evaluation day, we will give you a walk-through of our facility, go over all paperwork, and answer any questions or concerns you may have. All dogs must complete an evaluation day prior to signing up for any of our services.

Why don't you allow larger dogs?

We love dogs of all sizes (we’ve had an amazing Akita/German Shepherd and German Shepherd/Terrier ourselves) and want the very best for all dogs. We believe that all dogs should have the freedom and space to run and unfortunately, we just don’t have the space to best accommodate those needs. Luckily, Hawaii has a bunch of great businesses that do just that! If you would like a referral, simply email us and we’d be happy to help you on your search!

Do you accept checks, credit cards, Pay pal, etc.?

No, we are a cash only business and all payments are collected at the beginning of service upon drop off and there are no refunds.

When can we drop off or pick up our dog?

All drop off and pick up times must be reserved in advance and reservations are finalized 48 hours prior to drop off. You may choose a time within 15 minute intervals from the drop off and pick up time frames listed below:

  • Mondays and Tuesdays
    • Check In:     7-9 AM or 4-6 PM
    • Check Out:  7-9 AM
    • Check Out:  4-6 PM
        with added daycare
  • Wednesdays
    • Check In:    7-9 AM or 4:00 PM
    • Check Out: 7-9 AM 
    • Check Out: 4:00 PM
        with added daycare
  • Thursdays & Fridays
    • Check In:    7-9 AM or 4-5 PM
    • Check Out: 7-9 AM
    • Check Out: 4-5 PM
         with added daycare
  • Drop Off or Pick Up Saturdays: 8 AM – 9 AM
  • Drop Off or Pick Up Sundays:   5 PM – 6 PM
What if I need to pick up my dog from their sleepover in the afternoon on Mon-Fri?

If your dog would like to join us for daycare and be picked up in the afternoon between 4-6 PM, they are more than welcome to do so. By indicating an afternoon pick up, we will simply add $50 for the daycare on their last day of boarding to the reservation total.

Do you allow drop off or pick ups outside of these time frames?

We do not allow any drop off or pick ups outside of the provide time frames. All times must be scheduled in advance and must be within the time frame windows provided. This helps keep our pack schedule on track and offers stability for all dogs in our care.

Tell me about your daycare services...

Our pack members begin to arrive for daycare between 7-9 AM and enjoy our infamous pack walks with their best buddies. We often visit the park as an additional treat and our pack enjoys the outdoors in Hawaii’s beautiful weather! Throughout the day, your dog will also enjoy our group play on the patio, fun in the dog run and cozy cots for nap time. Don’t worry about which activities to choose as they are all included in the daily daycare rate. All dogs are allowed to be a dog here! A nice round of chase, a good game of playful wrestling and lots of cuddling are some of our pack’s favorite activities with us! Don’t believe us? Check out our Meet the VIPaws pack link with the most recent pictures of our pack in action!

Do you take your dogs to dog parks or let them off leash?

No, our pack enjoys their pack walks with us on leash for their safety. We take safety very seriously and while your dog may be great off leash with you, it’s best for their safety that they remain on leash while in our care. While we do take our pack to the park, we do not visit dog parks.

This sounds awesome! I wish I could see what my dog's day is like! Is there any way I can do that?

One of the things our clients love the most is the picture updates we text! We know how much every parent misses their fur baby so we capture the fun and send it to our clients daily! On average, we send about 1-3 pictures but some days we get great shots and if you don’t mind extras, let us know and we’ll send you a few more!

Should I bring my dog's meals to daycare?

We separate each dog during feeding time and while we can feed your dog their breakfast or lunch, we often find that due to high stimulation and fun, many dogs would rather forfeit their meal to get back in and join their buddies, where all the action is taking place! If possible, we recommend feeding your dog at home prior to their day of daycare.

What are the sleepover accommodations like?

During the day, our sleepover guests enjoy the same daily benefits of our daycare services. At night, our pack rests in our fully-covered, enclosed, and secured patio where we set up dog beds, dog cots, blankets and towels. We have a “potty patch” area of real grass where dogs may relieve themselves as they need to throughout the night. Your dog is free to choose whichever accommodation appeals most to him or her. If your dog has a friend (or two or three) they can buddy up together at their choosing. As long as they’re not hurting themselves or others, they’re free to choose the way they’d prefer to spend the night. After a well-deserved night’s rest, the morning welcomes another exciting day of fun!

What do I need to bring for my dog's sleepover? Can I bring their bowls, beds and toys?

All you need to provide is your dog’s food and treats with written or typed feeding instructions. We will provide the bowls, beds, blankets and all other items to care for your dog during their sleepover with us. We ask that all personal items, especially those of value, remain at home. Since we are a cage-free facility, all items are community items for all pack members to enjoy so it’s best to keep valuables at home, just in case it catches the eye of another member of our pack!

Do you administer medications?

We would be happy to continue your dog’s medication schedule during their stay with us. We charge $5 per administration and ask that you inform us of your dog’s medication needs when booking a reservation. All pills must be pre-cut to their dosage size and we ask that you provide written or typed instructions of a “tried and true” method, along with any pill pockets, hot dogs, etc. that you use in your medication routine.

This is exactly what I've been looking for! How do I get started?

Click the “Join Our VIPaws Pack” link. Read through the requirements to ensure your dog qualifies for our services and if so, fill out the “New Client Application”. As soon as your application is received, we contact you via email with our next available evaluation dates and times.