What is a Quick Release Martingale Collar?

A martingale collar has two loops, one large and one small. The large loop fits around the neck of your dog. The small loop includes a ring where a leash can be attached.

The purpose of the small loop is to tighten only when there is tension on the leash, for example if a dog tries to back out of the collar, preventing the collar from slipping off the dog’s neck.

Unlike choke collars, this collar does not choke your dog but simply remains snug around the neck when there is tension and once the tension dissipates, the collar releases and returns to its comfortable fit around your dog’s neck.

A standard collar is often adjusted to fit tightly around a dog’s neck in effort to prevent a dog from slipping out of the collar. This is not only uncomfortable but dangerous for your dog’s trachea. Martingale collars the more humane and effective collar option.

There are two basic types of martingale collars, chain and fabric. Chain martingales have a small loop made of chain and fabric collars are explicitly made of fabric. VIPaws only accepts fabric styles as chain collars are not slip proof. All fabric martingale collars must include a quick release buckle.

Quick release buckles are meant to easily attach and detach a collar from your dog’s neck by means of a simple snap enclosure buckle. Should a dog ever become entangled, fast and easy access to removing the collar is crucial in preventing any further injury to themselves or another dog. It also makes resizing a collar less stressful for our pack members who may not appreciate having a collar slip on and over their head.

VIPaws requires all dogs on premise to wear a quick release martingale collar and a name tag. We know that it is difficult to find these collars so to make it easier, we have quick release martingale collars on hand for sale. If you would like a fancier design, please feel free to search the web for companies that custom make collars with different designs. I’ve listed below a few online retailers that I’ve seen selling these collars.

PetSafe – An affordable and reliable option with basic sizes and five colors to choose from.

3PoochesCollars – Wider color selection with the option to email for customization on their martingale collars but be sure to add on the quick release buckle.